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“Waiting for Merlot”, psychologists Amit Kumar, Thomas Gilovich and Matthew Killingsworth show how experiential purchases (money spent on doing) tend to provide more enduring happiness than material purchases (money spent on having)

Yet there are also differences in how we feel before an experiential or material purchase. People report being mostly frustrated before the planned purchase of a thing, but mostly happy before they bought an experience – like a trip or an activity.

(Amit Kumar, Thomas Gilovich, and Matthew Killingsworth. “Waiting for Merlot” (2014))

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and
instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.”– Samuel Johnson


All because of what they are going through.

When I was a young boy, I was asked if I have ever seen the sea. No, I have not. And that was it. I was then told that I could go on The Star Seaside Holiday.  It was an organisation that arranged holidays for kids. I was 11 when that happened. I am now a grown man, reaching his middle ages, and until today I remember it very clearly. It was fun. But I also remember it because at that time my dad passed away. I remember that too. It is clear that experiences do stay with us

The Guardian had a piece on experience published 13 May 2017 that stated the following; “There is a science behind it, but it’s also very simple: regardless of political, austerity and inflation, we are spending more on doing stuff, choosing instead to cut back on buying stuff”

The objective is to create a platform, where they can experience the good as well. Although there are programs out there helping them, they lack sometimes the adventure experience, where they will know that it is not all bad. To give them the hope and

The Goal

N1 Tours have started a campaign to raise money through crowdfunding projects to be able to start creating experiences for the children in orphanages and children homes.

One of the perks, or let’s say, items is a photo book bundle of ventures that was taken through N1 Tours. A donation will seal the deal for you to receive a booklet. There will be different size booklets set for various amounts of donations given. It will be printed and sent to you through standard postage.

The format of the booklet will have a similar feel as the one in this link for download. TFO_Booklet There will also be some major donation perks where it will include a breakaway with some of the children.

The goal is also to arrange tours, that will include some of the children to go with. Great care will then be taken to make sure that it is above board and that the child’s safety is of utmost importance.

Funds are needed to start with the preparation to get the right people involved to help with the arrangement, and some of the funds will also be sent directly to a welfare organization for the needs of the children.

A well-documented update will be given on the process, we will also start to write up testimonials from the children of how it has benefitted them, although the identity of the child will be kept safe, all relevant information will be verifiable with the organizations involved in each tour process.


The donations will be split 30/70 donation R500 or less where 30% is for operational costs. The rest will be placed in an investment account for interests to earn while tours are being arranged, which will increase their experience. The higher the funding the lower the percentage taken for operational costs.

There are 2 legs of this welfare venture.

100 % Funding

With Sponsored Family

1. TFO fund will be in place to support kids who has no other means to have an experience.
2. A caregiver will accompany the holiday to assist with caring for the children

1. A family or couple can arrange a tour in South Africa and opt to accommodate up to 3 children with them.
2. This option is only available on a tour that is managed and assisted with a Tour Operator, no self-driving option available yet.
The safety of the children is of paramount importance. No unnecessary risk will be taken, and detailed logs will be kept during a holiday/tour period for reporting and will be verifiable through the welfare organisation that will assist with the arrangement.

You can donate a value directly to the following South African bank.
Use reference “TFO” and your mobile number, and you can email [email protected] with the deposit details. Banking Details: Bank: Standard Bank Branch: 051001 Acc Name: N1 Tours PTY LTD Acc No: 253108209 SWIFT address: SBZAZAJJ

(Only ACH (US local bank) transfers in USD can be accepted. US Based Companies Only)
Bank Name First Century Bank
Routing (ABA) 061120084
Account Number 4029130057557
Account Type CHECKING
Beneficiary Name N1 TOURS PTY LTD

Purchase Stock Photos

To help to raise funds you can purchase photos taken to help reach the goal. Go To Shutterstock and you will be able to purchase.

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