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N1 Tours is a Tour Operator group that finds the fun and adventure to experience in South Africa and the neighboring countries. We also look for the most cost-effective way to bring prices down, but not to lower the standard and fun to be had.

N1 Tours use local licensed guides in the areas tours are taking place, in doing so helps the market grow. We seek out cost effective accommodation, not holding back on comfort, to make your adventure as cost-effective as possible and to use small and new B&B’s and hotels to help them grow.

We at N1 Tours have your safety in mind, and we will never steer you wrong that might put your life in danger.

Should you not wish to take part in a tour, but want to arrange a holiday with your own itinerary you can do so through N1 Tours. It might save you
some money or can be given great advice.

Contact N1 Tours for more details of where you would want to go and what you would like to experience.

N1 Tours is owned by Christo Alberts
5 van Hulsteyn Street
South Africa

[email protected] [email protected]